Latent Steps: Generative Bodily Animations From a Collection of Human Drawings and Physiological Data Interaction

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Poster Presentation and Demo at DDCMC'19

Moving Digits – Artistic Residency and Performance

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Moving Digits – Artistic Residency and Performance at Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, Tallinn, 2019

Making Noise With Biosignals

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Artist Talk & Workshop, SOMAR Lisboa Meetup #4, 2019

Coupling Biomedical Sensors with Choreographic Language

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Movement and Computing Talk Series, Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute

Moving Digits (MODI) Soundsystem

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Concert and presentations at Barreirinha Bar Café (BBC)

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    William Phoenix Primett is an Interaction Designer and Researcher based in Lisbon affiliated with the AffecTech consortium, pursuing the use of wearable technology for emotional understanding in consideration of mental health disorders. They are investigating new systems for expressive non-verbal communication using physiological data, advocating for non-representational and interpersonal biofeedback.


    C++, Python, Node.js, Tensorflow, Keras,
    openFrameworks, Processing, ChucK, Autodesk, Unity, Max/MSP, Ableton Live, Adobe Suite